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Mapping the optimal route between two quantum states


For the first time, scientists show it is possible to track quantum trajectories, verifying a recently developed theory for predicting the most likely path a system will take between two states.

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Opinion | Science

The Trouble With Reporting on Unpublished Research


A news article about research presented at a conference is criticized by the Knight Science Journalism Tracker, calling both the research and the article a cry for publicity.

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Environment | Science

Are Polar Bears Stressing Out About Climate Change? Check Their Hair


A laboratory at the University of Massachusetts is generating new evidence of the effects of rising temperatures on this threatened species.

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Daily Collegian | Health | Science

UMass Autism Speaks Chapter Continues Advocating Despite Latest Controversy


Autism Speaks co-founder Suzanne Wright published a post on the organization’s website that attracted negative attention from the disability rights world.

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