Amherst Farmer Brings Back the Working Horse

Draft horses at Amethyst Farm. Reprinted with permission of Amethyst Farm, LLC. All rights reserved.

The farms surrounding the University of Massachusetts are growing local food, but some of them are using machinery powered by fossil fuels. One Amherst farmer is choosing to live more sustainably by replacing his tractors with horses.

In the equipment shed at Amethyst Farm, tractors are parked next to carts that were once

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Western Mass Cyclists Ride for the Food Bank

It’s a brisk autumn morning on the west side of the Connecticut River, just 25 minutes from the University of Massachusetts. While most of the Pioneer Valley is still asleep, some dedicated bicyclists are gearing up at the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. They’re about to embark on the second annual Will Bike 4 Food event. Alex Simisky, the organization’s communications coordinator, explains the idea is to combine the

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UMass Professor Receives Grant to Study ‘Robot Therapists’

Stroke victims face a difficult and expensive road to recovery that is mentally and physically straining, but there may be a new answer according to one University of Massachusetts researcher: robots.

Because therapists are limited and expensive, and stroke rehabilitation requires extensive and time-consuming therapy for patients to regain their ability to communicate and control their muscles, researchers are looking to robotics to increase access and reduce costs.


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