Press releases I’ve written to promote research at the University of Rochester and the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Doing more with less: New technique efficiently finds quantum wave functions


Compressive direct measurement allowed researchers to reconstruct a quantum state at 90 percent fidelity (a measure of accuracy) using only a quarter of the measurements required by previous methods.

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Duality principle is “safe and sound”: Researchers clear up apparent violation of quantum mechanics’ wave-particle duality

Credit: Institute of Optics / / University of Rochester

When German scientists announced in 2012 an apparent violation of a fundamental law of quantum mechanics, a physicist at the University of Rochester was determined to find an explanation.

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Mapping the optimal route between two quantum states


For the first time, scientists show it is possible to track quantum trajectories, verifying a recently developed theory for predicting the most likely path a system will take between two states.

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First Land Animals Kept Fishlike Jaws for Millions of Years, Says UMass Amherst Biologist

Image Credit: Maija Karala

AMHERST, Mass. ­– Scientists studying how early land vertebrates evolved from fishes long thought that the animals developed legs for moving around on land well before their feeding systems and dietary habits changed enough to let them eat a land-based diet, but strong evidence was lacking. Now, for the first time fossil jaw measurements by Philip Anderson at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and others

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