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To Bear or Not To Bear?

I like to think my political views are moderate at best. I think capitalism and the free market are important for a healthy economy, but regulation is necessary to the extent that it levels the playing field. I think wealthy people and corporations should fork over a bit more tax money than their lower-earning peers. I think CEOs and high-ranking executives are entitled to compensation, but let’s not go overboard

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It’s All About Connections

Networking. They say that’s what it’s all about, and we’re not talking about the hokey-pokey. Successful navigation of the stormy waters of job hunting, especially in an uncertain economy, relies heavily on who you know. But I think the idea of connections extends far beyond this one circumstance. Connections are everywhere, if you know when to pay attention them.

Take my last blog post, “The Science of Cuteness,” as a

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The Paradox of Higher Education

“You need to go to college to get a good job.”

In short, yes. But in today’s context, the idea of “going to college” assumes, at a minimum, pursuing an accredited undergraduate education and receiving a Bachelor’s degree as compensation for your studies. In many industries it is no longer a nice addition to your resume but rather a prerequisite of employment.

But consider a few of the most successful

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Agenda Setting, Deadlines, and Accuracy

“I don’t hold a story back just because I don’t like it.” “Cophouse” Season 1, Episode 1. Lou Grant Air date: 9.27.77

The pilot episode of Lou Grant, a television series set in a fictional Los Angeles Tribune newsroom of the late 1970s and early 80s, exemplifies the tension that arises between good, honest reporting and the reputation a newspaper publisher strives to maintain. Grant, the paper’s City Editor, pushes

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