The Need for Print Media in a Digital World: Accountability

Printing and circulating a newspaper is not economical given the ability to instantly publish content online. When you add up the costs of the paper, ink, machinery, trucks, and employees required to get a paper from the newsroom to your driveway, it doesn’t seem worth it.

Some newspapers have cut back their print circulation. Others have gone paperless and only provide their content in a digital format. Still others, like

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Amherst Farmer Brings Back the Working Horse

Draft horses at Amethyst Farm. Reprinted with permission of Amethyst Farm, LLC. All rights reserved.

The farms surrounding the University of Massachusetts are growing local food, but some of them are using machinery powered by fossil fuels. One Amherst farmer is choosing to live more sustainably by replacing his tractors with horses.

In the equipment shed at Amethyst Farm, tractors are parked next to carts that were once

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Mass. Governor OKs Measure That Could Grant Undocumented Immigrants In-State Tuition

Undocumented immigrants in Massachusetts may qualify for in-state tuition rates at the state’s public higher education institutions.

Gov. Deval Patrick issued a directive on Nov. 19 clarifying the state’s stance on young undocumented immigrants and granting in-state prices for tuition and fees at the state’s 29 public colleges and universities, including the University of Massachusetts, to eligible individuals.

At UMass, in-state tuition and fees are approximately $13,000 less than

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