UMass Chemists Solve Cellulose Mystery

This article was originally published in the Massachusetts Daily Collegian on September 19, 2012.

Scientists have struggled for years to figure out how to create environmentally friendly biofuels from cellulose, the carbohydrate that composes the cell wall of plants. But just when the problem seemed unsolvable, chemists at the University of Massachusetts had a breakthrough.

Physical chemistry professor Scott Auerbach and his colleague Paul Dauenhauer, a chemical engineer, have discovered

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UMass Professor Receives Grant to Study ‘Robot Therapists’

Stroke victims face a difficult and expensive road to recovery that is mentally and physically straining, but there may be a new answer according to one University of Massachusetts researcher: robots.

Because therapists are limited and expensive, and stroke rehabilitation requires extensive and time-consuming therapy for patients to regain their ability to communicate and control their muscles, researchers are looking to robotics to increase access and reduce costs.


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UMass Team Connects Children With Communication Disorders

A doctoral fellow and a team of graduate students at the University of Massachusetts have been making summertime brighter for children with communication disorders.

For the past five years, speech and language pathologists Nerissa Hall, a doctoral candidate at UMass, and Hillary Jellison, a Northeastern University graduate, have led a summer camp teaching children with birth defects, cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome or developmental delays more effective ways to communicate.

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