Confirmation Bias: Not Just for Scientists

If someone claims to be objective, tell them they’re crazy. If they’re human, that is.

We all suffer from a condition called confirmation bias, or a tendency to seek information that supports our individually held beliefs about a subject. It’s a natural and largely unconscious side effect of being human.

The brain is exposed to millions upon millions of stimuli each day and our job is to attempt to make

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When Flashy Headlines Inflate Science

There’s been some buzz in the media recently surrounding a new study about sitting and life expectancy. This is how two media outlets headlined their reports on the research:

Limit TV watching to 2 hours to live longer, say scientists – The Telegraph, July 10, 2012 Study: Excessive sitting cuts life expectancy by two years – US News, July 9, 2012

I wouldn’t be surprised if these stories got a

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To Bear or Not To Bear?

I like to think my political views are moderate at best. I think capitalism and the free market are important for a healthy economy, but regulation is necessary to the extent that it levels the playing field. I think wealthy people and corporations should fork over a bit more tax money than their lower-earning peers. I think CEOs and high-ranking executives are entitled to compensation, but let’s not go overboard

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Tallahassee (70 miles)

Better late than never, right? It has now been a little over a month since I’ve come back from Gear Up Florida and I’m sure you’re wondering why I chose today (43 days later, to be exact) as a fitting time to write about the last day of the trip.

Well, it wasn’t my intention. Upon arriving home from Tallahassee at the end of May, I had a solid

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