Gear Up Florida

Live Oak (100 miles)

Today was century day – that’s 100 miles!  The air temperature was right around 100 degrees as well.  It was definitely one of the more difficult rides.  In the middle of it, I began to have some issues with my cleats.  There are plastic (or metal) cleats that attach to the underside of cycling shoes which ‘clip in’ to the bike’s pedals.  These allow you to pull up each pedal stroke, which increases your pedaling efficiency and allows you to generate more power.  My cleats had become very worn out and they would no longer stay clipped in.  Luckily I was able to intercept with a teammate who wasn’t riding that day and borrow his shoes and cleats to continue with the ride. We spent most of the day on the bike until we arrived in Live Oak.

When the team arrived at lodging, we had a little time to shower and get ready for the last friendship visit of the trip, to The Arc of North Florida.  We had a nice dinner with the group and afterwards took the vans to the local car wash to get them nice and clean for tomorrow’s arrival in Tallahassee.

Back at lodging we officially became inducted into the Pi Alpha society, a select group of Pi Kappa Phi men who have completed a Push America summer event.  Then it was time to pack up our bags in preparation for tomorrow’s big arrival at the state capital in Tallahassee.

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