Gear Up Florida

Jacksonville (65 miles)

Today’s 65 mile ride took us into the Jacksonville area. We made an arrival at Lighthouse Learning Center, a division of Challenge Enterprises. The school’s mission is to prepare preschool age children with disabilities to enter the public school system. The coolest part of the facility had to be a place called Snoozeland, a sensory stimulation room they use to calm children by appealing to their various senses. It was a cool, dark room filled with different colored lights, textures, and music. It was the perfect place to relax in after the morning’s long ride.

After lunch and a tour of Lighthouse, we racked up and headed to our second hotel lodging at the local Holiday Inn. We had a few hours to relax before we headed to the bowling alley to bowl with the adults from Challenge Enterprises.

Dinner was sponsored by and held at the home of Gear Up Florida’s main sponsor. The CEO of Push America and a number of board members attended the big meal. It was great to meet the people that make this trip possible and enjoy some nice food before tomorrow’s 100 mile ride.

It’s hard to believe there are only two more days until the big arrival in Tallahassee.

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