Gear Up Florida

Ocala (85 miles)

The team learned something new today: there are hills in Florida. The 85 mile ride was tough because of both the distance and the terrain. The first half of our trip has been mostly long, flat rides with a few hills scattered in. As we make our way into the northern part of the state, we are going to see more climbing and rolling hills.

But what goes up must come down and those down hill slopes were incredible. My top speed on the bike today was 38 m.p.h. The key is to use that momentum to propel yourself up the next hill, shifting your gears to keep your cadence (pedal repetitions) in the sweet spot.

The scenery is also changing, so much so that sometimes you forget what state you’re in. When I think of Florida, I don’t typically think of cattle ranches and large fields, but that’s exactly what we saw today.

The pace lines arrived at tonight’s lodging in Ocala by 1 p.m., at which time we engaged in our daily post ride routine: shower, have a great sponsored lunch, and nap. We then proceeded to a local mall to purchase gifts for tonight’s gag gift exchange, a fun secret santa type exchange the team does each summer. We had a team dinner at a local restaurant, which was generously sponsored by a team member’s mother. We arrived back at lodging a few hours later to get some sleep before tomorrow’s ride to Gainesville.

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