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Tampa Day 2 (0 miles)

Today was our second day in Tampa and the first of two non-cycling days. We made a friendship visit to the Murray Child Development Center at Easter Seals. The organization provided us with a great breakfast of coffee, donuts, and bagels. After breakfast, the team split up into classrooms to spend some time with the kids. I went to a Head Start class, where preschool age children from low socioeconomic backgrounds are enrolled in a daily program from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. I was so impressed by how well they knew their alphabet and how creative they were with Play Dough and coloring. I had a blast reading to them and playing with their toy dinosaurs.

Our visit to Easter Seals was followed by a relaxing afternoon at the Davis Island Yacht Club, courtesy of a Pi Kapp alum. It was a lazy day of hanging out/sleeping around the pool and try to even out those tan lines from our cycling jerseys and shorts.

We revisited the MacDonald Training Center tonight for their annual dance party that the Gear Up Florida team attends each year. They served us a great lasagna meal beforehand. Everyone had such a great time cutting loose and enjoying each other’s company. Before we left a number of team members finished purchasing artwork by the center’s artists.

I’m now at an outdoor laundromat (only Florida would have one of those!) to take care of some clothes in dire need of washing. We’ll be back on the bikes tomorrow. It’s hard to believe our arrival in Tallahassee is only a week away. The team is getting very close and tonight’s friendship visit was one of the best yet. We’ll really have to make the most of the time we have left on this incredible journey.

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  • Christina P

    I love reading your posts! You sound like you are having a wonderful time…I can’t believe you’re already in Tampa =O SO proud of you!!!

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