Harvard Economist on Equity in Public Education

His speech was a community call to arms. “The U.S. is failing to prepare massive numbers of young people to succeed in a twenty-first century economy,” he said.

Dr. Ronald Ferguson, 62, was a teenager in the 1960s, a time when there was a great energy for social change. Today, he has that feeling again, and this time it’s about education.

Ferguson, an economist from Harvard University, spoke at Amherst

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Jonah Lehrer: The Creative Brain

“Jonah Lehrer’s new book confirms what his fans have known all along – that he knows more about science than a lot of scientists and a lot more about writing than a lot of writers” – Malcolm Gladwell

It is quite an experience to hear an author talk about his work. Even more so when it’s Jonah Lehrer and his new book Imagine. Lehrer kicked off his book tour

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Health Suffers in the Built Environment

“In my day, we would walk to and from school, uphill, both ways.”

What our parents tell us is true. Thirty years ago, 66 percent of children walked or biked to school, compared to 13 percent as of 10 years ago, according to a New York Times Health blog post about the destructive impact of suburbia on modern health. Our parents walked to school and they can expect to live

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A Conversation With the Patch

Three years ago, the word patch could have referred to a piece of cloth used to cover holes in a pair of pants or the action of mending such holes. Today, capitalize the p and you have the name of a new, online, hyperlocal news platform that has grown from 8 to 1,000 Patches in just three years. Patch is a network of news sites that cover individual towns in

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